Over the past several weeks, UNC System workers have penned and published their concerns regarding their campus' reopening plans:

Are we missing an op-ed you or someone else wrote? Submit it and other resources you'd like to share on this website: link.

Is there a narrative you don't see being shared through the op-ed or letter to the editor medium? We encourage you to write and submit it yourself! Below are some resources on how to write an effective op-ed:

Submission links and guidelines for potential local outlets:

Our goal is to flood local papers across North Carolina with op-eds by UNC workers. However, there is also value in getting our voices published by regional or national outlets with a broader reach. Note that these outlets receive many more submissions than they can ever publish and are more likely to require that the column be exclusive to their publication. However, that shouldn't discourage you from attempting to submit your piece to them – but do be sure to follow their guidelines carefully:

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