UNC System workers across the state are speaking truth to power.

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The University Workers COVID-19 Town Hall we hosted on July 16th heard testimony from workers across 7 UNC System campuses, including housekeepers, maintenance and facilities workers, undergraduate leaders, graduate workers, and faculty members.Watch a recording of the webinar on Facebook. 

"I work at UNCW and my sibling works at WCU. Since COVID-19 has happened, my sibling has found that they have to compete with other housekeeping staff to keep their jobs/pay. I am forced to operate a service that is definitely not safe, despite expressing my concerns. I want mandatory university employees like my sibling to receive hazard pay not only for COVID-19, but for all emergency situations (snow, hurricane, etc.), if they should have to continue working (not that anyone should in this pandemic). UNC system is the largest employer in the state, yet treats it's supporting staff as if we are disposable and its students as if we (as an alum) are just money instead of human lives. Better working conditions, better pay, better support, and more transparency. Cut the administrative bloat that has plagued this system for decades and take care of your people!"

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